Chilling in Iceland - March 2020

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Update 2021

What is this other worldly shot? I discovered this on my second round of editing this year. This is unedited other than color and highlight. Do you see the hand reaching through the ice? How about the screw and metal pieces flying towards the hand? Three of us crawled on our hands and knees with our camera and tripod deep into the cave until we succumbed to the dark and we made a hard left into a vertical crevasse that provided light through the top. There was barely room for three of us in there and as I waited my turn to shoot the top, I shot the wall above me. This is the shot I got. It was so dark that I had no idea what the camera recorded, until now.

March 2020

What a fantastic return trip to Iceland... Iceland did not disappoint!

We climbed glaciers...

and hiked to Ice Caves

In what has to be the most unplanned Icelandic horse shots ever, we encountered a band of wild horses running on the inside of the fence on the highway speeding towards us. I shot this from the back seat through the front seat window with my fast lense. One of my favorite shots of the trip!

Murphy joined us but our band of photographers kept positive even after needing a tow out of a ditch, a mechanic on a Sunday, and getting snowed in Northern Iceland (warnings included "violent storm," "blizzard," and my favorite "change travel plans."). If that weren't enough, we got word at 2 a.m. from our families and friends that if we didn't get out the next day, we would be unable to come home or under quarantine due to the announcement by President Trump. The roads cleared with one hour to spare to get to the airport. That was close!

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