Bubble Feeding Whales and Eagles - Sitka Alaska

There is something majestic about a whale's tale as it dives back down into the deep. This whale has scars, much like the rest of us... but is a survivor.

This was shot with my 200-600mm lense at 394mm. It was a lucky shot as I was panning the area as we were speeding away and caught him jump out of the water. It was the only full breech we caught on the trip.

Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding and Lunging

Finally they rose in front of the majestic mountains!

Whale slapping can mean many things including mating rituals.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the landscape from the whales as both are stunning in their own rite.

Sitka, Alaska - breathtaking scenery

This was my second trip to Alaska and we hit the jackpot with Capt'n Gary of Sitka Adventures.

Well said Gary!

Eagles put on quite the show on land and sea and were our flyover companions walking downtown Sitka.

The views are stunning in their own right, with 360 views of raw nature.

Gary's Blue Dawg is perfect for photographers as we are able to get down low!

Larry and Niko. Niko is Gary's "Fur"st Mate :)

We were fortunate to be able to witness Grey Whale mating. Photo is blurred to protect the innocent (haha!). Actually, it's only picture I caught and it was blurry of what is known as "Pink Floyd" :)

Where is Sitka? South Eastern corner of Alaska! Sitka is only reachable by plane or boat. Sitka is one of many islands in the Alexander Archipelago.

Well, that's it for now, Happy Tails!

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