Kenya & Tanzania - on Safari in 2012
Long lenses, fast cameras, and backups of everything required on this sojourn. Spending time with the Maasai nomads, the King of the jungle Lions, cheetahs, rhinos, hartebeests, zebras, wild dogs, buffalo, hippos, elephants, giraffes, and more.

Sleeping Cubs Final.jpeg
Africa - Sleeping Cubs
I watched lions hunting and mating, but my favorite shots were of the sleeping cubs.

This boy walked up to our transport vehicle's window and I captured the chamelon and eye composition.

8-Babboon @ the Groomer.jpg
Nail Salon
Babboons are so entertaining... "Darling, could you take care of this arm too?"

9-Breakfast with a jackal.jpg
Jackal Surprise
Once again I had my telephoto handy on the breakfast table and was rewarded with a jackal visit who seemed most interested in getting his Vitamin C than any of us!

11-Squirrel watching elephant.jpg
Elephant Show
There's no elephant in this picture. However, we were watching the elephants, me and this little squirrel!